Math is one of the most challenging subjects for kids, so it’s important to provide them with ample practice. Our grade 2 math worksheets are a great way to help students master key concepts while boosting their problem-solving skills.

Math Worksheets For Grade 2

Many of these worksheets include puzzles and games that are designed to make learning fun and engaging. Incorporating these fun elements into your classroom activities will encourage your kids to want to learn more and become better at math.


Addition is an important math skill that students will use for the rest of their lives. It is a necessary part of learning to calculate and solve problems quickly and accurately.

To help your child master addition facts, start with games that make the process engaging. You can also add a few worksheets into the mix.

For more advanced math lessons, such as adding two-digit numbers, teach your student to use an addition facts table. This strategy will allow her to master the addition facts faster and with less reliance on paper and pencil methods.

Subtraction – Math Worksheets For Grade 2

Subtraction is a fundamental skill that children need to learn in order to be successful in elementary school math. They need to understand the concept of subtracting numbers from each other, as well as how to regroup numbers in order to get the correct answer.

Thankfully, there are many 2nd grade subtraction worksheets that teach kids how to subtract numbers effectively and efficiently. These worksheets also improve their conceptual understanding of the subject by enabling them to solve multiple practice problems.

One of the best ways to help your child with this concept is to make it fun. This will ensure that they are more likely to remember the skills needed for subtraction.

Multiplication – Second Grade Math Worksheets

When students are ready to move beyond simple addition and subtraction facts, they should start practicing their multiplication skills. These colorful worksheets are a great way to reinforce the concept and make sure kids have a solid grasp of the rules of multiplying by double digits.

Multiplication can be an overwhelming concept for second graders, so it’s important to give them the tools they need to succeed. For starters, consider a Multiplication Chart to help them see relationships between numbers and how they relate to each other.


Division is an arithmetic operation that involves the grouping of numbers into equal parts. It is essential for kids to practice this skill using worksheets in order to improve their skills and memorize the basic division facts.

The 2nd grade math curriculum is packed with learning about division. It also introduces children to fractions, which are essentially divisions.

When teaching division, it is important to make it a fun and engaging activity. For example, try dividing a set of objects into groups. Alternatively, use counters like pom-pom cherries to help kids understand division as sharing.


Time is something that everyone should understand and use wisely. These 2nd grade math worksheets will help your kids get a good understanding of time based on their daily activities.

This includes understanding how to read and interpret time on an analog clock. This is an essential skill that will help them get a solid foundation for future math problems.

They’ll also need to learn how to tell the times o’clock, half past, quarter past and quarter to. These sheets will help them gain confidence in this area of math.

Money – Math Worksheets Grade 2

Learning to count money and understand the value of coins is a critical skill for kids. With a wide variety of second grade math worksheets on money, you can help your students build their skills while having fun.

These money worksheets include word problems that focus on different types of currency and how to use them correctly. They also come with visuals that support learning, which can make for a very clear understanding of the concept.


Geometry is a branch of mathematics that deals with shapes and figures. It explains how to build or draw them, measure them, and compare them.

Basic concepts like points, lines and planes underpin almost all other aspects of geometry. Two-dimensional shapes have only one plane; three-dimensional ones have two or more.

In the 2nd grade, students begin to learn about a wider range of 2d and 3d shapes. They also learn about symmetry and how to find lines of symmetry using mirrors or folding shapes.

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